• Anthony Ciampi

    Anthony Ciampi has hosted 7 episodes.

    Smart guy at work but gets home and seems to only think bout sleep.

  • Anthony Smith

    Anthony Smith has hosted 8 episodes.

    Anthony Smith aka Smitty aka Smitty The Pope aka The Chosen One aka The Pope aka Your Litness aka Master Splinter aka AKA


  • Ray Cheche

    Ray Cheche has hosted 13 episodes.

    The one who decided it was a good idea to start a podcast. Only time will tell if it was a smart idea

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  • Shawn Cheche

    Shawn Cheche has hosted 12 episodes.

    The abrasive and outspoken part of the podcast. You may not like him but he will make you laugh

  • Sherief Elsayed

    Sherief Elsayed has hosted 7 episodes.

    in his own words he is the brown guy